Personal Website

Picture of Bradley Shellnut's Personal Website

GitHub repository

My personal website re-written using SvelteKit.

Tech Stack:

Previous version of my website was written using React and Gatsby which you can view here .

Each iteration brings better code and my previous React version was improved after the suggestions on Show 444 of the Syntax Podcast .

You can view the previous archived version of the site before those changes here .

An application that allows viewing of wedding details and provides the ability to RSVP to the wedding.

The app was initially created for my wedding but what is linked here is a public demo of the application.

Tech stack:

  • Next.js 13
  • React 18
  • Radix UI
  • MongoDB
  • Styled Components
  • Next Iron Session

Old Personal Website

Home Page of the old bradleyshellnut.com website

Link to an archive snapshot

My first personal website.

This was my first real personal website hosted on DigitalOcean.

Tech stack:

  • React
  • Redux
  • ReactStrap for CSS grid management
  • React Router for routing links in the page